Turf Damaging Lawn Insects & Diseases

Put the lawn protector program to work for you.  Your certified lawn care specialist will monitor your lawn for turf disease and turf damaging insects throughout the spring, summer, and fall and recommend the proper cultural and treatment curatives to keep your lawn disease and insect free and looking its best all season long.

Here is some additional info on lawn damaging disease and insects, please call if you have additional questions and one of our turf specialists will be glad to assist you today!

Turf Damaging Lawn Insects

There are many turf damaging insects active in our area, the group of lawn damaging pests, which includes insects and mites, is fascinating for diversity and number of species. More than one million different species of these pests inhabit the world. However, there are only about 50 species that are considered turf-damaging here in Illinois. In a turf environment, you may also find many types of insects, spiders or mites that do not cause damage to your lawn.

Grub Control

A Weiss Lawn Care, Inc. turf specialist can help you recognize the signs and symptoms if one of these turf damaging pest species is present in your lawn, and recommend the proper cultural practices and treatments to reclaim your lawn from these lawn destroying pests and get your lawn back to looking its best.

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    What are Lawn Diseases?

    Lawn and turf-grass diseases are abnormal conditions on turf caused by a disease organism or pathogen. They can be difficult to identify because they share many similar symptoms with other lawn problems.

    The Lawn Disease Process

    For a turf-grass disease to exist, three primary components must exist at the same time. These are the Pathogen, the correct Environment, and the Host. If any of the three are missing the disease cannot thrive.

    How to spot Lawn Diseases in Your Lawn

    Leaf spots, brown areas or patches of dead grass may look like damage caused by disease, but they do not automatically indicate there is a disease present. Mowing with a dull blade, scalping, lawn damaging insect activity or poor irrigation can also cause symptoms in your lawn that might be confused with a turf-grass disease.