Aeration and Seeding

This is an all-natural, critical step to getting and maintaining a healthy and great looking lawn. At Weiss Lawn Care, Inc. we use the very best seed blends and aeration practice to ensure that our customers get a Greener Healthier Lawn Guaranteed!

Benefits of Aeration and Seeding

  • Reduce compaction and thatch.
  • Your lawn will absorb nutrients and moisture more effectively, giving you a greener, healthier lawn.
  • Your lawn will become less susceptible to pests and diseases due to better drainage and airflow.
  • Seeding will increase your turf’s density filling in bald, bare, and thin areas to make your lawn fuller, thicker, and more resistant to weeds, disease, and insects!!!

Spring Aeration & Recovery Seeding

Fall Aeration & Over-Seeding