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Weed Blocker


Are you tired of hand pulling weeds out of you landscape beds week after week all spring, summer, and fall?  Then put Weiss Lawn Care, Inc.’s weed blocker program to work for you today.  Weed blocker works by preventing the germination of weeds in your landscape beds.  The weed blocker will prevent up to 90 percent of weeds from growing in your landscape beds for up to six months,  significantly reducing the the amount of time and labor it will require to keep your landscaping looking great.  Call for a free quote today.

The Process

STEP 1: Clear out existing weeds from landscape beds.
If you have a lot of weeds already we offer a weeding and mulching service to get you off on the right foot.

STEP 2: One of our licensed technicians will schedule and apply the weed blocker to landscape areas.
If there are is already a small population of weeds these will be sprayed with our high quality weed control product at no additional charge

STEP 3: Enjoy your weed free landscape.
You won’t have to worry about pesky weeds ruining your valuable landscaping and will have a significant reduction in weeding throughout the season.

*A spring and mid-summer application is recommended for the best control. Contact us today for a free estimate.

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