How to Get Rid of Creeping Charlie

Are you looking for a way to get rid of Creeping Charlie in your lawn? With the right lawn care techniques, it is possible to eliminate this invasive weed and promote a healthy lawn. Learn more about our treatments for Creeping Charlie and other viney weeds here.

Identify Creeping Charlie

The best way to start getting rid of Creeping Charlie is to accurately identify it. The plant has a delicate, bright green foliage that creeps along the ground and easily invades lawns and other areas of the garden. Some have small purple and blue trumpet shaped flowers.
Creeping charlie is a perennial cool and warm season weed.

Creeping charlie starts to appear in April through June and really thrives during the warmest time of the season as it develops a waxy coating to protect itself against heat stress and become very resilient to standard weed control.

Why is Creeping Charlie so Hard to Get Rid of?

Creeping Charlie makes lawn care particularly difficult because the shallow roots quickly spread and make it hard to completely remove. Additionally, Creeping Charlie has a long seed life with new plants sprouting from existing roots. It’s also very resilient to traditional weed killers, meaning you may have to use more aggressive measures like manual removal or spot treating each instance of new growth that pops up in order to effectively get rid of it.

Treatments to Rid Your Lawn of Creeping Charlie

The treatment options we offer are: a high quality herbicide applied at a low rate included in our Signature 7 Step Lawn Care Program. Additionally, for more mature viney weeds that have started to take over lawns, we recommend our Specialty Viney Weed Extreme Control Program in conjunction with our Signature 7-Step Lawn Care Program.

Our Viney Weed Control Program

Once you’ve done the preventative steps, the most important way to keep Creeping Charlie in control is to maintain a regular lawn care schedule. This needs to include mowing your grass regularly, as well as fertilizing and weeding in order to prevent weeds like Creeping Charlie from taking over. If you spot Creeping Charlie or other weed outbreaks in your lawn, applying a herbicide specifically designed for that weed would help keep it under control.
Specialty Viney Weed Extreme Control Program: 7 application process to help eradicate very stubborn weeds like clover, creeping charlie, and others. This is a 7 Step Program that times up perfectly with our lawn care program.

Specialty Viney Weed Extreme Control Program Is designed to get rid of tough to control viney type weeds that damage good turf grass and take away from the beauty and health of your lawn. This program is designed especially for Creeping Charlie, ground ivy, wild violet, clover, spurge and many more of the very toughest to control viney type weeds.

Depending on the level or maturity of the weeds and the location due to neighboring homes, fields and other areas not well maintained it can take multiple seasons to fully eradicate them.