landscape-bedWant your landscaping beds to look their best spring, summer, and fall? Give us a call or fill out a request for an estimate on our Bed Maintenance Service for your home today.


Bed Maintenance Program:

  • 4-Step Flower and Shrub Fertilizer Plan: Organic plant and flower nutrient applied over the course of our 4-Step Program to all flower and shrub beds. This program enriches your soil, increase nutrient uptake, and get the best performance and flowering out of your plants, shrubs, and flowers!! 
  • 3-Step Landscape Beds Weed Blocker Plan: This application kills broad leaf and grassy weeds before they germinate and protects from future weed problems for up to 3 months.  It is a granular product applied to landscape and mulch beds.  This product will not eliminate weeds altogether but will reduce new weeds from forming by about 80%.