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Lawn Fertilizing & Weed Control Program

Weiss Lawn Care, Inc. uses the best fertilizers and the best weed control products and practices to ensure that our lawn fertilizing and weed control customers have a green and healthy lawn all season long. With our proven lawn treatment program you won't have to worry about pesky weeds, or the nuisance of treating the lawn yourself, you can just sit back and enjoy a healthy lawn. Our recommended treatment program is listed below, or we can customize a treatment program for your lawns specific needs.

Program Schedule:
  • Lawn Booster - Early Spring booster fertilizer.
  • Early Spring - Granular fertilizer with pre-emergent crabgrass control.
  • Late Spring - Liquid weed treatment, most effective way to combat broad leaf weeds.
  • Early Summer - Balanced Granular slow release fertilizer.
  • Summer Grub Control (Optional) - Applied before grubs hatch to prevent turf damage.
  • Late Summer - Special feeding to promote root growth and encourage a vibrant, green lawn throughout the fall.
  • Early Fall - Liquid weed treatment, most effective way to combat broad leaf weeds.
  • Winterizer - Helps the turf to store nutrients in the winter to encourage early spring green up.

We use organic based fertilizers.

The early summer, late summer, and winterizer applications are all organic based granular fertilizers. The pre-emmergent crab grass plus fertilizer, and two weed control applications are not organic based applications. We believe in trying to use organic based products as often as possible while still striving to give our customers the best lawn care results. That is why we offer a combination of organic based fertilizers and synthetically made weed control products in our signature six step fertilizing and weed control program.

Core Aeration - We suggest adding this to any lawn fertilizing program it helps to reduce soil compaction, thatch build up, and allows nutrients and water to reach your lawns root system quicker.

Your guys are the best! I was out at my property last week and saw the lawn, bush trimming, and weed removal work they had done. It looks Great. I appreciate the fact that even though I am not always at the property I can count on you and your guys to look after my property with such excellent care.
- A.M. Downer Grove, IL

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