New Lawn Equipment

Posted on February 15, 2011 by Craig Weiss

Here at Weiss Lawn Care Inc. we are getting ready for spring, and as always we are committed to giving our customers the most attractive looking lawn at the best price. So in order to continue to this end: this season we are adding a few pieces of lawn equipment to help us give an even more attractive lawn cutting and continue to give our customers low cost professional lawn care. We are always striving to find new and innovative ways to give our customers the best the lawn industry has to offer, in re-guards to equipment, training, and technique.

First we are adding a new Wright Stander. Wright produces a lighter and more compact lawn mower, it has many benefits, the first is a more efficient way to mow lawns because it uses less energy and is more mobil than the bulkier and heavier zero turn riding lawn mowers. We foresee this new piece of lawn mowing equipment helping us in the future to keep our costs low and in turn pass those savings on to our customers. The second benefit is improving the appearance of our customers lawn. The lighter weight machine will have less impact on the lawns we mow, helping to reduce soil compaction and thus creating a healthier and stronger lawn.

The other unit of equipment we are adding is a liquid fertilizer spreader. is a leader in the lawn maintenance field. This piece of equipment will help our fertilizing and weed control division apply fertilizers and weed control applications more efficiently, and evenly making our customers lawns look there best all season long.

Early Spring Lawn Tips

Posted on February 14, 2011 by Craig Weiss

Spring is the most important time of the year to work on your lawn, and it will be here before we know it. If you don't take proper care of your lawn in the spring you will end up paying for it all year long. The most important steps to improving and maintaining a healthy lawn is dealing with thatch build up and soil compaction.

First lets address the cause of these two problems: thatch is the layer between the grass blades and the soil, it consists of dead grass, decomposing leaves, and used fertilizer pellets, once thatch builds to a unhealthy amount(1/2 inch or greater) begins to inhibit the soil from receiving nutrients and water properly and efficiently. The most effective way to get rid of thatch is to power rake your lawn. Power raking will loosen and remove much of the thatch layer without damaging a significant amount of healthy lawn. Once the unhealthy thatch layer is removed your lawn will be-able to receive fertilizer and water much more efficiently and allows your lawn to grow healthier and fuller.

Now lets discuss soil compaction, soil compaction has many of the same negative effects on your lawn as thatch does however it is a completely different problem with a completely different solution. Soil compaction comes from years of soil settling and traffic on the lawn. Traffic could be backyard football games, lawn mowing, or any reason people or machines are traveling or putting weight on your yard. Compaction inhibits the roots of your grass to expand and grow deep and strong. The result of this is when your lawn receives water or fertilizer it cannot efficiently absorb these much needed nutrients because it takes much longer for the water and fertilizer to travel through compacted soil, and the root structure of you lawn is not as expansive as it should or could be. The solution to soil compaction is core aeration, core aeration digs and pulls up small plugs(1.5-2 inches) of soil from your lawn. This loosens the soil by breaking down the compacted layer and bring the loosened soil to the top, where it breaks down and form a looser and healthier soil base for your lawn. This better soil base will allow your lawn roots to better absorb the much needed nutrients it receives, saving you money on fertilizer and watering costs.


Posted on February 14, 2011 by Craig Weiss

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